Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm glowing in the dark thanks to Nocibé

During my holiday, I took some time to do some shopping!

I went to Nocibé, a french beauty retailer like Sephora, and I found this little bottle of polish which immediately amazed me!
This is the Dark Light Top Coat, it costs 6,90€ and you can find it on their online store (sorry no international shipping yet ..) !

After exposing your nails to some light, either sunlight or artificial light it doesn't really matter, you'll magically see your phosphorescent nails !! It works as the stickers, or those phosphorescent things that glow in the dark. And contrary to some polishes I've seen, it's really glowing on its own in the dark, you don't need any black light.

So here's what my mani look like :

And now we shut the lights off :

The lighter the base will be and better will be the result!! Do not hesitate to make two coats of polish to intensify the effect!!

I love it, and I think that it will be great for party nights :p

What do you think about it?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kiko Cosmetics - Holographic Nail Lacquer - Jewel Pink

Hey there!

How are you going? Hope everything's fine for you girls!

I already told you how much I loved Kiko's Magnetic nail polishes and when I saw that for their Lavish Oriental collection, they had holographic nail polishes, I felt like I had to get them! When I saw the swatches on some other blogs, I fell in love with the 401 - Peacock Green and the 402 - Jewel Pink. I even asked my brother to buy them for me in Paris, to be sure to have them!! But when I went to Kiko's store in Rennes (next to where I live), and when I saw the two other colors which are the 399 - Silk Taupe and the 400 - Steel Grey, well I didn't resist long, and I bought them. And now I have all of these wonderful polishes! And I love them!!

Aren't these colors gorgeous??
Today we're going to start with the 402 - Jewel Pink. This holographic pink is outstanding! You don't need to apply a specific base before applying this polish (like the aqua base..). I used my standard Essie protein base. Only two coats are necessary to have a nice coverage!

I love how this polish catches the light!! I can't stop looking at my nails!
I decided to try some stamping with the 399 - Silk Taupe and here's the result : 

Perfect!! All of these holographic work perfectly for stamping, it's pretty awesome no?
I'm definitely in love with these new polishes and they're totally worth the price : only 4,90€ each.

Did you buy any of these holographic polishes? Do you like the result?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

#TheSundayNailBattle - Matte Finish VS Glossy Finish

This week, the theme chosen by  Andreia and Odile is Matte Finish VS Glossy Finish. 

The most difficult part was not to achieve the manicure, but to decide what I was going to do. I had so much ideas !

So I decided to try some matte stamping and here's the result :

Pretty simple, isn't it?


Friday, August 24, 2012

Kiko - Copper Red

I already told you about how cool Kiko's magnetic nail polishes were! I also told you how I regretted not buying the red one... Well now I got it! It was the last one on the shelf of the Kiko store we went in with my sister and I'm so glad I have it.
The color is as I had imagined it :

I couldn't resist trying some stamping on it. I chose a zebra design that I think goes well with the magnetic stripes And here it is :

What do you think about it? I love it!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lime Crime - Les Desserts d'Antoinette - Milky Ways

About a month ago, I fell in love with Nailed It's manicure with the Lime Crime polishes. And I also fell for Milky Ways, the perfect creamy white to me!
In fact, when I saw the entire collection, I loved every single color!! Plus, all the reviews I've seen on the web were pretty positive about these polishes. So I had to try them!
I bought these three colors (I'm on a budget :p) :

And I'll buy the other ones next month :p
These are 3-Free polishes and not tested on animals. 

So here's my favorite : Milky Ways

I love the packaging! It's so cute!

The bottle is also very pretty and I love that matte glass!

This color is really easy to apply, and from the first coat you already know that only two coats will be necessary to have a complete opaque finish!
I also love the formula of this polish and it dries pretty quickly once painted on your nails. But as usual, I did use a top coat :)

I knew Lime Crime for their beauty products, and now that they're also doing nail polishes I love them a little more!! These pastel colors are really gorgeous and the fact that you have an opaque finish in two coats is awesome.

Did you buy Lime Crime polishes? What do you think about them?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Sunday Nail Battle - Skulls and Bones

This sunday's nail battle theme is "Skulls and Bones". And for this battle Odile and Andreia decided that we had to use at least black and white polishes.

So I put two coats of Essie's Blanc on my nails, and then I used my mat velvet top coat from Chanel to have a matte finish. I wanted to do a kind of french bones thing, which litterally means nothing but I think you'll understand when seing the pictures.

I also used two stamping plates for the skulls and here's the result :

And because you're a skull doesn't mean you can't be a princess, so I decided to add a little crown :

It's pretty simple, but I like how it looks :)

What do you think about it?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Essie - Navigate Her

Hey there!

Today, I'm doing this quick post to show you some stamping I did over Essie Navigate Her :)
This polish is part of a swap I did with my dear Amina, and I'm so thankful !! This polish is amazing and I just love the color!!

So here it is :

I used the BM-310 plate from Bundle Monster's latest set of plates, and I love this design! I find it so classy!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kiko Magnetic Nail Lacquer - Greatness Inside!

Last week I showed you my first magnetic nail polish from Kiko, and told you how cheap they were (2,50€).
Now I'm going to show you swatches of the four colors that I own which are :
  • 704 - Purple
  • 705 - Emerald Turquoise
  • 706 - Deep Green
  • 707 - Charcoal

All of these colors are gorgeous and I love their pigmentation. And I also noticed that comparing to other brands of magnetic nail polishes, you can really see the difference between the green one and the blue one.
Did you try these polishes? What do you think? I can tell that these polishes are totally worth the try!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kure Bazaar - Mon Bleu, a 4-Free Polish

Recently, I've seen a TV report on nail polishes which you can watch here if you understand French.
In this report I discovered the brand Kure Bazaar, which provides 4-Free nail polishes. So, no Toluene, nor Formaldehyde, nor DibutylPhthalate, nor synthetic camphor in here. Also, up to 85% of the formula is based on natural products such as wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. Even if I felt a little sceptical at first, I was seduced by this brand. Furthermore, this product is not tested on animals, which is really a good thing!!
You can chose over 26 gorgeous colors, and chosing only one of them was really difficult to me! I bought mine from Bazar Bio as shipping was free (it depends on where you're living of course). 
I felt for the blue colored polish "Mon Bleu" (which stands for "My Blue") and that looks a little like the Bleu Majorelle from Yves Saint Laurent.

You need only two coats to have something completely opaque. The smell of the polish is not as strong as regular polishes maybe thanks to its formula. Also, I've been impressed by how quick the two coats dried. I used a top coat just because I'm used to do it this way, but clearly you can skip it!
I definitely love this polish, and I"ll sure buy one more for the fall (as it's pretty expensive - 16€ - I have to limit myself :D) but this polish is worth the try!!

And here's a little stamping I did over it :

What do you think about it? Have you heard of this brand?
Do not hesitate to visit their website to find retailers next to where you live :)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sunday Nail Battle - Braided Nails

Let's go for this new Sunday Nail Battle!!

The theme chosen by Odile et Andreia for this week's Sunday Nail Battle is "Braided Nails". We also have to use only three colors to achieve this mani.

I love the braided nails design. I've been watching Cutepolish videos on Youtube for a while now, and lately when I saw her Braided Nails video, I told myself that I had to try this technique!!

So I followed her step by step video, and I did my braided nails with these three colors :
  • Essie - Nothing Else Metals
  • American Apparel - Neon Violet
  • Color Club - Warhol
I'm happy and proud with the result of my first attempt at doing braided nails. It was pretty simple to achieve and I think that it's a quite simple way to have pretty nails.

Did you already try this technique? What do you think about it?

Bye  <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vivid Lacquer - VL 002

Quick post today to show you the latest stamping plate that I bought. I bought this one on Etsy, and it's from Vivid Lacquer who is mostly known for making great franken polishes! They now also sell two stamping plates, and I fell for the VL 002.

The plate is covered with a blue plastic wrap when you get it, and it's easy to peel it off. Also, to prevent you from cutting your fingers on the edges, it has a nice backing on.
This is definitely a high-end plate. The designs are very precise and they stamp really well.

I applied two coats of a very dark purple, and then I stamped with Joy from China Glaze :

What's great with these designs is that they're so large that you can choose which part of the design you want to stamp on your nail, and you can make each of your nails look different ! No more problems for the thumbs either!
The stamping plate VL 001 is very nice too, but I think I'll buy it later, since I've already done enough shopping for august!