Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm glowing in the dark thanks to Nocibé

During my holiday, I took some time to do some shopping!

I went to Nocibé, a french beauty retailer like Sephora, and I found this little bottle of polish which immediately amazed me!
This is the Dark Light Top Coat, it costs 6,90€ and you can find it on their online store (sorry no international shipping yet ..) !

After exposing your nails to some light, either sunlight or artificial light it doesn't really matter, you'll magically see your phosphorescent nails !! It works as the stickers, or those phosphorescent things that glow in the dark. And contrary to some polishes I've seen, it's really glowing on its own in the dark, you don't need any black light.

So here's what my mani look like :

And now we shut the lights off :

The lighter the base will be and better will be the result!! Do not hesitate to make two coats of polish to intensify the effect!!

I love it, and I think that it will be great for party nights :p

What do you think about it?


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