Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kure Bazaar - Mon Bleu, a 4-Free Polish

Recently, I've seen a TV report on nail polishes which you can watch here if you understand French.
In this report I discovered the brand Kure Bazaar, which provides 4-Free nail polishes. So, no Toluene, nor Formaldehyde, nor DibutylPhthalate, nor synthetic camphor in here. Also, up to 85% of the formula is based on natural products such as wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. Even if I felt a little sceptical at first, I was seduced by this brand. Furthermore, this product is not tested on animals, which is really a good thing!!
You can chose over 26 gorgeous colors, and chosing only one of them was really difficult to me! I bought mine from Bazar Bio as shipping was free (it depends on where you're living of course). 
I felt for the blue colored polish "Mon Bleu" (which stands for "My Blue") and that looks a little like the Bleu Majorelle from Yves Saint Laurent.

You need only two coats to have something completely opaque. The smell of the polish is not as strong as regular polishes maybe thanks to its formula. Also, I've been impressed by how quick the two coats dried. I used a top coat just because I'm used to do it this way, but clearly you can skip it!
I definitely love this polish, and I"ll sure buy one more for the fall (as it's pretty expensive - 16€ - I have to limit myself :D) but this polish is worth the try!!

And here's a little stamping I did over it :

What do you think about it? Have you heard of this brand?
Do not hesitate to visit their website to find retailers next to where you live :)