Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sunday Nail Battle - A Tribute to Pshiiit

Here we are for the Sunday Nail Battle, and today is going to be a tribute to the unique Pshiiit.

On August 7 it'll be Pshiiit's birthday (♥♥♥) and therefore Odile and Andreia decided that she was going to be the theme of this battle.

If you don't know Pshiiit, which I can't believe, go check it right now! Camille is obsessed with neons, and frankly, I am too. So I decided to redo her famous striped neon nail-art which you can see here.
This is a tribute so my mani is going to be slightly identic to hers :p

Ok so now I'm even adding the same polish as on her pictures (creeepy  :p)

I hope that you'll like it and don't forget to go and check the original made by Pshiiit here!!

Happy Birthday Camille <3

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