Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kiko Cosmetics - Holographic Nail Lacquer - Jewel Pink

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How are you going? Hope everything's fine for you girls!

I already told you how much I loved Kiko's Magnetic nail polishes and when I saw that for their Lavish Oriental collection, they had holographic nail polishes, I felt like I had to get them! When I saw the swatches on some other blogs, I fell in love with the 401 - Peacock Green and the 402 - Jewel Pink. I even asked my brother to buy them for me in Paris, to be sure to have them!! But when I went to Kiko's store in Rennes (next to where I live), and when I saw the two other colors which are the 399 - Silk Taupe and the 400 - Steel Grey, well I didn't resist long, and I bought them. And now I have all of these wonderful polishes! And I love them!!

Aren't these colors gorgeous??
Today we're going to start with the 402 - Jewel Pink. This holographic pink is outstanding! You don't need to apply a specific base before applying this polish (like the aqua base..). I used my standard Essie protein base. Only two coats are necessary to have a nice coverage!

I love how this polish catches the light!! I can't stop looking at my nails!
I decided to try some stamping with the 399 - Silk Taupe and here's the result : 

Perfect!! All of these holographic work perfectly for stamping, it's pretty awesome no?
I'm definitely in love with these new polishes and they're totally worth the price : only 4,90€ each.

Did you buy any of these holographic polishes? Do you like the result?



  1. Wow love the idea of stamping 2 Holos together, looks great =)
    I am in love with the Jewel Pink, i keep staring at my nails :D

    1. thank you :) yeah this jewel pink is totally amazing! I love it so much!!

  2. Amazing color! Love it! I want this polish so much, but live in the USA :(

    1. Thank you! no one who can send you some Kiko polishes over there?