Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Battle of Manicures – 1st Entry

Hey there !

Today I entered a contest for the first time ! Ok this may sound weird to you guys but I’m really excited about it! I started this blog only recently, even if I’ve been doing my nails for a few years now! I’ve always been shy and maybe lacking some self-confidence. But hey this is my first contest :D
So for my first entry, I decided to go with a mani based on striping tape.

As always, I started with a clear base and I applied one coat or Bourjois’s Rainbow Apparition. This is a thick formula so great if you want to do only one coat! Furthermore, it dries fast (around 50 to 60 seconds) so when you like to play with your nails like me it’s really cool!

When my first coat dried, I put some top coat because using striping tape or even tape can get nasty!! Then I went for “Figue Chic” a really nice soft purple from their recent collections.
Once again, only one coat was necessary! It was thick enough to cover the glitters without making any mess! I then took off the striping tape, put my top coat and tadaaah here’s what it looked like :

I’ve been using this kind of combo for a long time now and I can say it always works!
What do you think about it?

See you soon !!

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