Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review - Top Coat comparison

Hi there!

So I'm back here to make a little review on fast drying top coats that I own. It took me a while before finding the right one for me.

So first let's define what's a good top coat (from my point of view).
To my opinion a good top coat must :
  1. make your polish dry in a short amount of time
  2. give you a glossy and a sleek manicure
  3. live long before becoming doughy and thicker.
  4. have a nice consistancy like a nail polish would.
  5. make you mani last longer than it would without top coat

OPI RapiDry TopCoat
This is the first top coat that I've ever owned. When I first used it I was almost sure that it would be THE one. But I was wrong and I'll tell you why.
First, this top coat really helps your polish dry faster, it only takes a few minutes to have a very nice glossy manicure. So for a drying purpose it's perfect. Most of times, it only took 2 days (even sometimes 1 day) before my manicure started chipping. And I absolutely hate that! I first thought it was due to the base I was using. So I tried changing the base, but I still had the same problem there. Hum weird. Then after using it for a few times, I noticed that it's consistancy was changing. It was becoming all doughy. I really don't know what was the problem, because the top coat was well closed, and that's for sure!! 
Here's what I mean by doughy :

That's why I thought that maybe I had bought a product that was defective from the start. So when I really couldn't use it anymore I went to the store and got a new one. But I got the same problems I'd already had with the old one.
Needless to say that if you only want to use it for the fast drying part, and if you don't care or don't need your mani to last more than one day, this product is really good.

OPI Drip Dry
In addition to OPI's RapiDry TopCoat, I've also used their Drip Dry product. To be honest with you, I didn't notice that my polish was drying faster with these drops. I didn't really like the product, so I don't know what you think about it but I know that this is a product I'll never buy again.

Sèche Vite
The first time I've tried this product, I immediately noticed the strong smell. It's a little too strong for me... This top coat is thicker than OPI's but it works better. It dries my polish as well as OPI's, it gives me a nice looking mani, and it lasts longer than OPI's.
I noticed that sometimes my manicure had a weird reaction to the top coat. But it don't know where this reaction is coming from as it doesn't happen all the time! As Sèche Vite has better results than OPI, and is cheaper, I would definitely recommend you this product ! 

Essie Good To Go
I wasn't going to buy another top coat after the Sèche Vite one. But  on a weekend a few months ago, I had forgotten mine. So I went to a little market next to where I was and I bought Essie Good To Go. I really liked applying this product because it's not thick like the others, and it makes my nails dry in less time than the others! With this top coat my many lasted more than four days without chipping which is great!!
Unfortunately, I've noticed that it started becoming thicker and a little doughy like the OPI one. But I've only used half of a bottle in more than 3 months, so I'll definitely buy another one. This is now my go to top coat and I really recommend you to test it!!

Soooo, I'm finished with this review and I have to remind you that we all have nails that are different, and that maybe a top coat that didn't satisfy me will satisfy you!
I'll soon try the Sally Hansen Insta Dri one, would you recommend it to me or not? What top coat do you like most?

If you want further information, or have any questions I'll be happy to answer!! 



  1. I always have issues with bubbling, and Seche Vite is the only topcoat I've used that actually seems to remove bubbles after I apply it. I don't know if you have this same issue, but if so, do you notice anything positive with bubbling with the Essie topcoat?

    1. I don't have any bubbling issue, but the Essie top coat is really nice :)