Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a little more sun ...

Morning Girls!

So as promised here's my last creation with the Bourjois nail polishes I recently bought.
Here the sun isn't really showing, and we've had a rainy week-end which stinks!
Therefore, to make my day a little brighter, I decided to go for a gradient nail design using the coral and the fuchsia colors!
I first put a base on my nails, and one coat of the corally color. Then I did the gradient with the fuchsia nail polish! Here's the result :

If you'd like to redo this mani using the same polishes, you've got to go fast when doing the gradient. These are fast drying nail polishes, so if you tend to take your time you might have a sticky result :s !
This will be my 4th and last entry to their contest for the moment.

Recently, I've seen many gradients made by other nail artists which I love and there are two of them that I'd like to share with you :

I hope that this mani will give me enough sun for today, as the real sun apparently won't be showing.
As always, there'll be sun tomorrow when I'll be sitting in front of my computer...

Have a nice Sunday and enjoy your week-end ! <3

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