Monday, May 28, 2012

#TheSundayNailBattle #2 - Cannes International Film Festival

So girls,

I forgot to tell you that on sunday I participated for the second time to the 4th edition of the SundayNailBattle hosted by @OdileSacoche and @10tubes 

The theme was the Cannes International Film Festival. You may know that for its 65th edition this festival was in honor of Marilyn Monroe.
So I prepared a lot my first idea, but I came with something that I didn't really like. It looked good on the paper but once on my nails it wasn't that great. My first idea was to do something related to the red carpet :) 

But as I didn't like the result, I then decided to go for something a little bit more classic and I wanted to put Marilyn on my nails! And here's what I came out with :

Below, I'm linking all the entries to the battle that I liked the most :

Sorry for the delay and see you soon!

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