Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nails, neons and piano

Hi there!!!

So how was your week-end? Here it was so sunny and so hooot! It's been a while since we had such a great weather!!
So here I am with my mani of the week-end and my mani of the day :)
This week-end I wear neons on both my toes and my hands :) I really like these colors wether at day or at night! They always stand out either way !!

For today, as I knew that I'd be typing all day long on my keyboard, I first thought I was going to make a kind of keyboard mani. But I finally prefered going for a piano like mani.

I'm not completely satisified with the result, because I've already done better. I can't wait for this week to end (yeah already...)  because end of the week means end of the month and end of the month means salary! And salary means that I'll be able to purchase some little things that I've seen! 

See you soon !

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