Monday, May 14, 2012

The Battle

Hi Girls !

Today I wanted to talk to you about a contest organized by Bourjois which is a French makeup brand. It’s called “Battle de manucures” which barely means “Battle of Manucures”.
I think that it’s a really great concept! So what is it all about?
Well you have two kind of battles, one that is based on the month’s tendancy and the general battle. You can participate to both of them, of course!! A jury will then select 3 winners per month!
I don’t know if you have many Bourjois polishes but I do! I really love this brand and I’ve always been attracted to their colors! I literraly fell in love with their recent nail polishes collection! I told myself that according to this month’s expenses I would wait another month before getting the ones I wanted. When my friend showed me how cool the color she bought was, and when I heard about the contest there was no way for me to wait any longer!
I went to many stores before finding one that was eventually selling the colors I wanted! So here’s what I bought :
  • 14 – Rainbow Apparition : this is a purplish glitter nail polish
  • 13 – Figue Chic : a nice soft purple
  • 05 – Corail  Féerique : one of my favorite corals ever !
  • 08 – Bleu Water : a really nice soft blue with some grey tones

I wasn’t home yet that I was already figuring out what I was going to do with these little treasures ! To be honest with you guys, I wanted to buy many other colors but I guess my credit card wasn’t OK with that...!

See you soon girls!!!

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