Sunday, May 20, 2012

Splatter Nails , #TheSundayNailBattle

I'm back girls!

So it hasn't stop raining since this morning, feels like I'm not seeing the end of this day. And I'm realizing that tomorrow I've got to go to work. Nay, it sucks!
So as I was surfing the web, I heard of a battle (yeah, i'm into it lately) called the #TheSundayNailBattle.
This battle is hosted by Odile Sacoche and Andreia. You can visit their blogs for more information on this battle, and for those of you who don't understand french, here's the deal : each sunday, a theme is set, and we have to do a mani around it. You can use whatever technique you want to achieve it.
I recently purchased the Ozotic 509 on Pshiiit's online store , so I decided that I'd go with this color!
Comparing to what the other girls did, my technique is very simple, and didn't imply splattering everything around me! I just did this with some stamping :

So I'll admit that I've seen way much better entries to the battle but we're here to share so it's ok!
Considering the weather, I had to take these pictures under artificial light so we don't really see all the reflects of this splendid nail polish...

I hope you'll like the results!

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