Thursday, July 19, 2012

A England - Lady of the Lake

I recently ordered two A England polishes that I've been wanting for a while. One of them is Lady of the Lake, probably my favorite one. As purple is my favorite color, wanting this one was predictable. What I love about these polishes is that you can wear them alone on your nails, they really stand for themselves. They're so pigmented, and reflect the light so well that two coats of polish are enough to have really nice nails.

These pictures don't completely show off how they shine, but I'm preparing a post with swatches of my A England polishes, and the pictures will be better :)

I couldn't resist stamping something on my nails. Some will think that it's a sacrilege, but I don't.
I used one my Mash stamping plates and here's the result :

I think it's nice and simple.

Did you get some of the A England polishes? What's your favorite color?

See you!

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