Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, it's Ok!

Last week I already showed you a black & white stamping and I decided to try it again this week!
And today I didn't have to remove everything because I wasn't completely pleased with my nails.
What's really great in working in the IT domain is that even if you sometimes have to deal with some withdrawn people or narrow-minded people, you also have the chance of working with very open-minded people that will encourage you to be creative and won't judge you just because you like to spend time painting your nails!
What I like even more is to be complimented by some men who usually think that doing your nails is just a waste of time. Not that I don't like when the compliments come from women, but it feels a little different!!
So let's go back to this stamping! After putting a base, I put 2 coats of Essie's Blanc, a pure white. I put a matte top coat and then I stamped with my black Konad polish. I found this design on the plate BM-221.

I really like how the black flowers show up very well on the white base. And I didn't mess my forefinger so everything is alright!! I'm all prepped for work now!

Lately I've been focusing on stamping because when I'm travelling it's really easy to bring what I need to stamp. But promise, next week I'll try my best to show you something different!

xoxo <3


  1. Pretty! I should try this stamp too :) Don't know why I haven't used it yet...

    1. Thanks :) and you can try it with so many different colors, it always looks good!