Thursday, July 19, 2012

Graffiti Nails

Today I wanted to try to recreate a design that Algae Veronica has done. She's a nail-artist doing some really great things. She's so creative and I absolutely love everything she does. Even if I judge some designs not wearable on my nails, she has really great ideas and I love how she plays with colors, how she mixes them and how she matches them.
Her Graffiti Nails are really cool, so cool that she did a tutorial on how to achieve this nail art on Youtube here.

So here's me trying to do the same on my nails :

I absolutely love how it looks. All these colors make me so happy, and it's not that complicated to do. Doing my right hand was a little bit more tricky, but the result is quite symetrical !! So I'm good with that!

I also wanted to show you something that I've bought at Sephora that I thought would be great to try, but that I eventually regretted buying.

It's supposed to help you when you put your polish on your nails. Well, I tried to use it but I ended up doing one nail with it, and finishing my other nails without it. I can't find the right position, and when you have short nails it's not pracitical at all. So not that useful after all. This thing cost me 4,95€.

Today I'm so proud to show off my nails, and I can't wait to know what my co-workers will think about them ;)


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