Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shatter Effect - Debby

Shatter nail polishes are now common and exist in many different colors. But the shatter effect is far from having unanimous feelings among nails addicts like me.
Personnally, I really like the effect but I know many people who simply hate it and wouldn't wear it on their nails. 
Thanks to my long time friend Myriam, I discovered this shattering polish from Debby, which is nom my favorite. I like it better than OPI's shatters because it's a little thicker and the shattering is really nice and different. I fell for the pink one which is Debby Crack #13. I like to pair it with some grey polish, I think it makes the pink pop :)

Do you like this shattering effect? What brands would you recommend me to try other than OPI?

See you!

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