Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The stamped water marble

One of the designs I was the most excited about in the new BM plates was the one on the BM-320 which looked like a water marble. 

I used a pink base and I stamped with a black polish. And the design clearly looks like a water marble. Except that it took me less time to do it, and it was easier that water marbling!!

You can see that the difference between a real water marble and this design is difficult to find, unless you're really an expert :)

Unfortunately, I had some troubles with this design because it was correctly shaped and some flaws appeared when I tried to stamp it. When I took a closer look to my other plates, I notices that 3 of them had also some little flaws. So I decided to contact the support of Bundle Monster, and I have to say that I was impressed by their efficiency. I sent an email with the pictures of the flawed plates, and they answered me only a few hours after. They told me they were sorry and that they were going to send me back the 4 plates at no cost. This is one of the most efficient after-sale service I've ever known, and I'm so grateful!! 

Here are the pictures of the flawed plates I sent to BM :


  1. Doesn't it seem like it always happens to you when you get the defective things? That's how I feel. But it was nice of them to replace them for free!

    1. Yes it always seems like it only happens to me! But even if I was angry at first, now I'm really happy as they're replacing them for free :)