Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Sunday Nail Battle - In The Navy

Hi Girls!

First I'd like to thank all my new followers, mostly french ones but thank YOU!  I started this blog for my close friends and knowing you're interested in what I'm doing makes me happy! 
I also want to give Camille (alias Pshiiit) and Laurina (alias MojitoBeautya big hug for their kindness! I hope they'll stay as they are, so adorable! 

Let's get to the point. It's sunday and it's time for the Sunday Nail Battle.

This week Andreia and Odile Sacoche decided the theme would be In The Navy. For this mani, we have to use white, red and blue. 

First I wanted to do something with blue and white stripes but I decided to go with something which made me think of waves.

Here are the polishes I used to achieve this manicure : 

And here are the pictures of what I've done :

I made the anchor with my dotting tool. And now my hands are perfectly matching my shirt :D

Do you like it? What would you have done with this theme?


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