Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cubic Nails

I recently discovered that I had lost my M73 stamping plate. I don't think it's lost, I'm sure that my cat stole it from me to give his paws a nice stamped manicure while I'm at work! 
So I re-bought it on a french Konad retailer's website which is Bec & Ongles and where the prices are almost the same (cheaper in fact) as on Konad's website konadnailart.com. And no fake Konad on this site, guaranteed !

Here's the design I chose to stamp on my nails :

If Bec & Ongles doesn't ship to your country, do not hesitate to contact them, maybe they'll find a solution :) Currently they ship to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Spain :)

And as I told you, I don't know why but I'm sure my cat can be held responsible for the missing plate!!

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