Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial - Water Marble

Here is my first tutorial on Water Marbling. I tried my best to explain through pictures the big steps to achieve a nice water marble design on your nails.
For this tutorial, I'm only going to use 2 colors : a bright pink and a purple. For water marbling, I only use cheap nail polishes.

Let's begin!

Step 1 : First, start with your base color. I usually do a white base. Sometimes, I take one of the colors of the marbling as a base and that's what I've done here. So I did a pink base. You can add a coat of fast drying top coat, it's as you like. I did one. 

Step 2 : Prepare your tools. Try to put together everything you'll need because you don't want to mess your designs once you've started! I always have two cups filled with water (one for backup :D), some orange sticks and some Q-tips. I also put some paper towel under my filled cups so there won't be any mess around!  You also should prepare your polishes and open them, it'll help you go faster in the next steps.

Step 3 : Prepare your hands and your nails. Wrapping your fingers with scotch tape will ease the cleaning step. I put a first piece of tape around my finger along the roots of my nails, and one other piece around the sides of my nails but also under my nails. Looking sexy, right? :D 

Step 4 : You can start dropping the colors. You should test your polishes prior to starting a water marble, just to see those which will work, and those which won't. You'll also see how fast they dry once on the water. I bought these 2 polishes for only a few dollars each and they're dedicated for water marbling. 

Step 5 : To create your design use an orange stick. Do not start from the first circle, always start from the second of the third one. It'll keep you from destroying your design. Lightly drag the polish into the design you want. Always clean your orange stick before dragging again, or you may have some rally unpleasant results. The little excess of polish that gets on the stick can mess your design.

Step 6 : You can now dip your finger into the water. Try to put your nail as horizontally as possible before dipping it into the water. 

Step 7 : With your other hand, grab a Q-tip and remove the excess of polish that's left on the surface of the water. By doing this, you won't ruin the design printed on your nails when guetting your nails out of the water.

Here's my first finger :

Step 8 : You can now repeat steps 4 and 5 and dip your second nails into the water.

Second nail achieved!

Step 9 : You can also dip two or three fingers together. As long as you dip them horizontally, and that you have the design you want, you will get something nice.

Step 10 : You can now repeat steps 4 and 5 and dip your thumb into the water. You should always do your thumb alone, it's easier. 

Step 11 : You can now remove all the tape. Be careful to not remove some of the design while removing the tape! Be gentle!

Step 12 : Let's clean! As you can see, there's not much left to be cleaned. You can now finish with a top coat.

And here's the final result :

What do you thing about it? Are you going to try it if you haven't already?
If you need further information, don't hesitate, I may have forgotten some details :)

Have a nice day <3

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