Friday, June 15, 2012

OPI - Black Spotted

Hi :)

Did you hear about this Black Spotted polish from OPI? It hasn't been released everywhere but here in France we have it !! For once we have something that's cool and exclusive! So glad!
I bought mine from Sephora's website as I didn't manage to find it in stores...

When I swatched it for the first time, I had mixed feelings. I didn't know if I was liking to like it or not.
My first advice to you is to properly select the base you're going to use before applying it. If you want something discrete go for a dark colored base, but if you want the little spotted designs to show, go for a light and shiny base.

This polish, contrary to the Black Shatter from the same brand, is very fluid and is very easy to apply. It's also easy to apply a really thin coat. As written on the little note which goes with the polish : "Apply a VERY THIN coat over completely dry lacquer. Finish with Top Coat". And really the thinner the coat will be, better the result will be. I tried it with I'm Not Really A Waitress as a base :

As I wasn't convinced with the result, I tried to try it with Good As Gold from Essie. 
And this time not only I loved it, but I realized how much potential it has! I can't tell you how much I like this new polish! I'm definitely going to swatch it on different bases, and I'll show you the pictures, just to see what goes with this magic thing!

I like it better than the shatter one. What do you think about it? Are you going to buy it when it is available? For those of you who could buy it, did you like it? From what I know, unfortunately, it won't be available in the US...

I'll be back soon :) 


  1. I won't be buying it but I like the effect, especially with the Essie underneath :)

    1. I totally agree ! the effect with the Essie underneath is really cool :)