Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Studded Nails

Hello there!

Recently, I've been buying a lot of things that I really wanted. I felt a little guilty at first but hey we have to be honest here, it feels so good to have new things :D
I don't buy nail things just tu use them once and never touch them again. No, I've got phases in which I'll use a product more than another one, but I always try to use everything I have.
So I already told you about these 1 Second Bourjois nail polishes than I've been crazy about. Two of my favorite colors are "Figue Chic" and "Rose Cupcake". I've been looking for these colors forever!
I also found in my drawers studs that I had bought a while ago. I'm more into studs than into strass and bling things. But when it's well done, strass can add a pop to your mani :)
My studs are from the BornPrettyStore. This online store is awesome : everything is quite cheap, shipping is free worldwide! I've already bought many items from this store and I've never been disappointed. Fast shipping, fast delivery, great products, everything I like!! For your next order, I've got a 5% off coupon : BPS5 ! Feel free to use it!
I didn't use any glue to make the studs stick to my nail. What I did is I put 2 coats of the color I wanted, I waited for it to dry, and once dried, I added a thirth coat, and this time I didn't wait for it do dry. Once the polish applied, I immediatly placed the studs. Then I applied two coats of top coat and here we go !

I've seen many studded manis over the net, and they all look great!

What about you? Do you prefer using strass or studs?


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