Friday, June 8, 2012

My Water Marbling Experience ...


I think most of you girls have already seen this water marble thing on the internet. And I guess that like me you were astonished by some realizations ! I also didn't like some of them but that's my opinion ..
The first time I saw a water marble design I told myself that I had to give it a try! So I looked at tutorials and when I thought I had understood the technique I went for it.
So I took a little cup of water and I put my first drop. And nothing went like it was supposed to!!
My first try was catastrophic. A complete disaster!! My drops didn't expand on the water, when I tried to do the designs, everything was messed up... Gosh I was so furious!
But I'm stubborn, and I tried it again and again until I came with something I liked. It took me a long time to catch the technique!
So to achieve a nice water marble design, I advise you to be patient. Do it when you have time, because I can assure you that it can take more than an hour... My second advice is to use nail polishes that are liquid, and very fluid, it will work better. As you'll use many drops, don't use branded polishes, unless you really want to... And my last advice is to prep your fingers, to avoid a big mess. You can save your time with a good prep. What I do is that I put a little bit of cuticule oil on my cuticules and I tape my fingers so the polish doesn't stick to them.
To achieve this design, I did a white base and I used three colors for the marbling : a deep red, a pink, and a white polish. I put one drop of red then one of pink then one of white, I repeated this three times and then I took my stick to make the design. I didn't do one design per nail, I used one design for 3 to 4 nails. 

I think the result is nice and I've kept this mani for 2 days now, which for me is almost incredible !
I'd really like to know what you think about water marbling and if you'd like to see a tutorial where I'd be very precise on how I achieve a water marble design ... 

We're almost in weekend, so enjoy your day !! :)

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