Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Sunday Nail Battle - Clouds VS Rainbows

Hi there!

Today is Sunday and therefore it's time for The Sunday Nail Battle!

This week, 10tubes and Odile Sacoche, came with a theme that's going to lead to a real battle : Clouds VS Rainbows. The deal is to use at least 3 colors to achieve the manicure.
When the theme came out on Tuesday, I already knew which side I was going to chose : Rainboooows!
I hesitated between doing something based on striping tape or water marble. And I eventually went for water marble ..! Also if you've never tried it, I did a tutorial here on how to achieve a nice water marble :) 

I used 9 colors above to achieve the following manicure :

I love the result. I wouldn't wear it for work, but for summer time (even if it doesn't look like summer here) this kind of mani is perfect! I love how psychedelic it looks and it makes me want to scream RAINBOW POWAA :D

What do you think about it? Are you clouds or rainbows? Can't wait to see what side the other girls chose!


  1. Oh j'avais loupé ton billet! Et quel dommage parce que ce nail art sort vraiment du lot *__* Moi suis une grosses brele intersidérale en watermarble, ca marche jamais alors je suis mega admirative lol. Bref, congrats, c'est beau beau beau! (Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas suivre ton blog sur le HC Francais :( )

    1. merci pour ton comm, je crois que le quiproquo est désormais résolu!! en plus toi, admirative? c'est bon je vais juste m'évanouir là :D