Saturday, June 23, 2012

A England - Saint George

Yesterday, I had to work at one of our customer's office, so I had to have classy nails.
In my last order on Bec & Ongles there were some A England nail polishes I was waiting for!
But let me tell you about my new base first. It's not a new product, but I bought it only a few weeks ago. It's OPI Ridge Filler. Once you apply this base on your nails, you'll immediately notice the difference. It gives your nails an uniform surface, on which you can apply whatever nail polish you want. I've been trying it with different brands and each time, the polishes I applied over it stuck to my nail like never before. I love it and I advise you to give it a try!

Let's now talk about the polish I've been waiting for which is Saint George from A England. I have an OPI which looks almost the same, but there's not comparison to make here. Saint George is way more pigmented, and has way more dimension. When you put your nails in the sun, you're just sparkling, really!!
But no more talking let's see the pictures :

I've seen pictures from Odile Sacoche which made me want to get Tristam from the same brand! I already have Avalon which is a magnificient purple that I'll show later ;) 
Did you try these A England nail polishes?? What did you think about it? Are there any colors you would advise me to buy?


  1. The depth to this colour is amazing! I've seen a few people talking about A England polishes, but only heard about them recently, I really need to check them out!


    1. Right, you need to!! you won't be disappointed! The most difficult thing is to choose the colors you want, they're all amazing!!